eSee – Portable Autorefractometer

e-See‘s open vieew state-of-the-art design ensure that the eye stays more relaxed during the viewing process. The patient has to just hold it up to the eyes and the machine does the rest. It has been clinically validated by over 1500 patients across¬†India, USA,¬†Spain and has been found to be far more accurate and reliable as compared to other autorefractors.

e-See is high caliber autorefractor designed and developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology spin-out, PlenOptika, Inc. (USA)

e-See offers ease of use and accuracy for ophthalmologists and optometrists with its innovative PlenOptika wavefront Refractive Engine (WRE) technology which ensure that the testing process is dynamic, smart and intuitive.

PlenOptika WRE technology produces exceptional results, In fact it offers the closest results to subjective refraction as compared to conventional autorefractors. Having the nearest starting point to subjective refraction ensures fewer changes in the trial frame lenses, resulting in time saved.

e-See help users to reach a wider audience by offering a lot more at a very affordable price. This “Reach More, Do More” advantage will give its users an enhanced reputation.


Specification Detail
Technology Wavefront Aberrometry
weight 1.3kg
Accommodation Control Open View
Measuring Wavelength 785nm
Spherical Range -10D to +10D, increments of 0.01D,0.125D,0.25D
Cylindrical Range +6D, increments of 0.01D,0.125D,0.25D
Axial Range 0-180,increments of 1,5,10 degree
Interpupilary Distance Range 40-80 mm continuous
Device Dimensions 11*6.5*3.25 in (28*16.5*8.25 cm)/1kg
Intended Patient Population 5-85 years old
Dilation Required None
Cyclopegic Requirements None


Specification Detail
Calibration Requirements None
Office Illumination Requirements Works in any illumination
Specialized Furniture Requirements None
Storage / Transport Travel hard shell case included
FDA status FDA class | 520(k) exempt (registration in progress)
Data Acquisition Video
Pupil Size 2 – 8 mm
Laser Safety Class |
Interfaces Bluetooth
Battery Specifications 6-8 Hours of Operation ; 6 Hours charge time
(8 hours for initial charge)
Time per Measurement 10 seconds per eye