Negative Power IOLs

Single Pieces Lenses

These lenses are designed for

  • High myopic patients,
  • People with greater axial length.
  • Corneal deformity.


negative-power iol

Product features:

  • The overall length and Larger optic diameter of the lens is larger to suit myopic eyes.
  • Made of High quality PMMA material which has proven clinical performance.

Products Specifications : 

Model Number SN3600L
Optic Diameter 6.00 mm
Optic Design Meniscus
Haptics Design Modified ‘C’ Loop
A Constant 117.5
ACD 5 mm
Diopter range -14.0D to 0 in 1.0 D

Material Characteristics : 

Lens Material UV absorbing PMMA with the proven clinical performance
Refractive Index 1.49