PVA I Spear – Fluid Management Device

PVA i spear are made from finest medical graded lint free polyvinyl acetal (PVA) material. This product is specially designed to be used in Lasik, Glaucoma & other premium ophthalmic procedures due to its superior absorbency and fiber free material. They are spear shaped with micro tip for specific point of contact to give maximum absorption during the surgical applications. Thus, it offers superior control throughout the procedure in fluid absorption process. PVA i Spear is also used in gentle manipulation of tissue during the Lasik & other corneal procedures.



Product features:

  • Made of lint free poly vinyl acetal material.
  • It is designed in spear shape.
  • Comes with a blue polypropylene handle.
  • Product is gamma sterilized.


  • Faster fluid absorption.
  • To use in delicate areas.
  • Strong polypropylene material gives a superior comfort during the eye wicking & fluid absorption process.
  • Assured sterility.


  • Faster surgery.
  • Minimal application helps in superior absorption.
  • Comfortable grip & stability in surgeons hands.
  • Superior quality.


  • Box of 10 foils ( 5 spear/foil ).