Reti Eye – Practice tools for Retinal Photocoagulation

A tool to practice retinal photocoagulation and Indirect Ophthalmoscopy.

Product Description:

  • A useful tool for beginners to learn and practice photocoagulation and indirect ophthalmoscopy before they do it on patients.
  • Practice tool for beginners to learn indirect ophthalmoscopy before they see actual patients retina.



Advantages/ Benefits:

  • Ten retinal films that come with the kit helps the trainee in becoming an expert in the photocoagulation and indirect ophthalmoscopy.
  • It helps in easy and quick learning.
  • It has got replaceable retinal films for photocoagulation and the burnt films can be used to evaluate ones’ own progress in training.
  • Retieye with its wooden base can be rotated and viewed in all angles for the practise of Indirect Opthalmosopy.
  • Favourable environment to ophthalmic surgery.
  • Excellent protection against mechanical damages.


“Retieye changes the way you teach laser technique from paper to actual practice” – Dr. Kim, Chief vitero retinal services, Aravind eye hospital.


  • Retieye.
  • Replaceable retinal film.
  • Wooden base.
  • Clamp accessories for Slit lamp attachment.