Scleral Fixation IOLs

Single Pieces Lenses

Scleral fixation lens are implanted inside the eyes with the help of scleral support. Scleral fixation is an alternate way of fixing the IOL in the posterior chamber.It is indicated in case of Weak zonules, Posterior capsular tear and improper capsular bag support.



Product features:

  • Larger optic diameter and overall length to suit for all capsular bags.
  • Made of High quality PMMA material which has proven clinical performance.
  • Holes in the haptic enables manipulation of lens into the bag.

Products Specifications :

Model Number

Optic Diameter 6.5 mm
Optic Design Equiconvex
Haptics Design Modified ‘C’ Loop
A Constant 118.5
ACD 5 mm
Diopter range 6.0D to 30.0D
15.0D to 25.0D in 0.5D

It has 2 holes in the haptics at 1800.


Material Characteristics : 

Lens Material UV absorbing PMMA with the proven clinical performance
Refractive Index 1.49