About Us

Established in 2008, Sweekriti International Pvt. Ltd. is an importer and distributor of new and innovative technologies to Nepal. It has been providing service to the entire eye institutions of Nepal providing complete ranges of ophthalmic requirements like – Equipments (Digital Vision Charts, Slit Lamp, Tonometers, Phaco Emulsification System, Green Laser Photocoagulation System, Wet field bio polar cautery units, Auto refractometers, Slit lamp Imaging System with Software & many more ), Pharmaceuticals – (Eye drops & Surgical adjacent), All types of Ophthalmic sutures, Surgical disposables (Surgical eye drapes etc), Various Types of Intra Ocular Lenses (IOLs), Ophthalmic diagnostics Strips & others, and surgical blades, instruments, Refraction Trial Lens sets, Prisms, frames and more with best quality. Sweekriti International remains committed to provide best quality products with best service in most affordable price  with understanding that the health, well-being and the lives of many individuals depends on its fulfillment of this promise. Nepal lies in the verge of development, since the past few years, Nepal has surfaced as a provider of quality medical care in the whole of South East Asia. Hospitals in the urban areas of the nation cater not only to the domestic population but also to the increasing international population. In this context, it is crucial for service providers like us to be committed and equipped to serve the masses.

Sweekriti International Pvt. Ltd. is expanding its reach and partnering with medical professionals, heath care providers and manufacturers of technical solutions all over the world to bring new and innovative technology to the country for the service of its people. In order to complete its mission of heading towards “One Stop Solution of Ophthalmic Requirement”, we have registered and achieved the Medical Pharmaceuticals License Certificate from Department of Drug Administration (DDA) Nepal in the name of SWEEKRITI MEDISALES, and providing full service from our both companies, which are sister concern each other. Sweekriti International Pvt. Ltd. has been partnering with reputed medical instrument and equipment manufacturer companies from the United States of America, The Switzerland, The People’s Republic of China, Germany, Spain, S. Korea, Japan, Italy, Spain and India, as per the demand of the valued users.

Because of the reliable quality, service and competitive prices, we are continually growing our presence all over Nepal in short span of time. In the past few years, as we have always been trying our best to improve our management and to reduce the operation cost, the prices have been lowered by great extent due to direct affiliation with all major overseas manufacturer companies. Although the prices have been lowered very much, the quality has kept improving from time to time as have been received direct dealership to deal from principal manufacturer companies with assurance of superior quality. We would like to transfer the profit from cost reduction to all of our customers in order to increase the business volume.

We, Sweekriti International Pvt. Ltd. & Sweekriti Medisales, sincerely hope to establish a long-term and friendly business relationship with your esteemed organization and institutions. In case of your interest in obtaining more information about our products, please let us know without any hesitation, our customer service desk will be grateful to provide any support to you.

Thank you very much for your valuable time to visit our site, hope your time been fruitful with in depth information.